På söndag är det våffeldagen 2018

Letar du efter ett bra ställe att äta goda våfflor i Stockholm? Välkommen förbi oss på Systrarna Anderson, på våffeldagen på söndag!

Konsutställningen ”Dreams” 15 mars-2 maj 2018

”Imagination, magic, desires that we change the reality and transform it. We are all Dreamers. My dreams have Celtic vibes, futuristic, my dreams have fish, knives and birds that can disappear with their butterfly wings. Women who give you the back so you can invent their faces. Rusty machines that do not work. Arms, organs, contradictions. Because painting dreams, is the freest way to fly”

About Elagus
Agustin Vaquero ”Elagus”, is a Spanish author who lives in Madrid. He has for 30 years been working as a Creative Director with more than 15 Cannes Lions Awards at the Cannes Lions Festival. His passion is art. He has exhibited his paintings at Mad is Mad, one of the coolest art galleries in Madrid, www.madismad.com. And his paintings can be considered to be the freest expression of his disruptive personality and his interesting life path.

He visits Stockholm very often, a city which he loves. His daughter (and art dealer) lives in the neighbourhood. So now we have the chance to dive into his world of Dreams.